IQ Option

$1000 in Trading Money + 60% Cashback Protection

Investlab Trading Limited is the holding company behind IQ Option, with both ventures being headquartered in Cyprus where they are also licensed and regulated. They made a name for themselves for offering services to customers from Russia, a huge market that has been affected by restrictive legislation. Their willingness to cater for Russian customers in conjunction with high return on investment that frequently exceeds 93% make the binary options broker act as a magnet for traders.

First Impressions

The web interface of IQ Option is sleek and responsive, but the first thing that captures the eye of those placing call and put orders is the compatibility with mobile devices. The binary trading platform can be accessed on smartphones and tablets, with both android and iOS operating systems supported. The propensity for cutting-edge technology and innovative trading strategies is to some extent overshadowed by the fact that traders have to settle for the high-low binaries.


IQ Option is one of the binary options brokers that offer welcome bonuses to new customers, who are expected to use a promo code. This is a minor compromise that is definitely worth making, given the fact that all deposits up to €100 will be matched by 100%. Traders are expected to roll over the combined amount several times, but this is hardly a problem for those who take binary options trading seriously.

Trading Platform

IQ Option had to choose between embracing an existing trading platform and developing one from scratch and much to their credit they didn’t choose the easy way out. The proprietary software has the disadvantage of demanding even savvy traders to spend some time to get familiar with the layout. On the bright side, once you get the hang of the trading platform you will appreciate the simplicity of trading an impressive list of underlying assets displayed in a drop-down list.

Traders enjoy a great deal of flexibility when buying call and put options and they can even use predefined amounts to speed up the process. They can always stay up-to-date with their personal performance and review their recent transactions, as well as orders placed a long time before.

Customer Service & Deposits

Don’t be fooled by the fact that IQ Option is geared towards the Russian market, because they’ve got a customer support team fluent in several languages. Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese and English native speakers will interact with people that are fluent in their languages over Skype, email and live chat. Major credit cards as well as payment methods fancied by Russian customers can be used for deposits.

Final Thoughts

The more time one spends navigating the trading platform, the more obvious it becomes that it was well worth it spending the time to get familiar with the original design. IQ Option has dozens of underlying assets and with potential profits of roughly 93%, the broker seems to be a great partner for those who seek long-term goals. Russian customers enjoy special advantages, but traders from countless other countries will also benefit from an excellent trading experience.


IQ Option has a great selection of deposit bonuses and there are more freebies to unlock down the road, if you failed to make the most of the introductory package. The potential payouts ratio of 93% also exceed the industry standard and the extensive list of underlying assets can be explored with ease in the proprietary trading platform.


The shallow variety of trading contracts and the relatively few trading tools are the few shortcomings know so far about IQ Option.

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