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AnyOption is a popular online binary options broker which offers a large selection of options for traders to check out and predict over set periods of time. The layout of the website combined with the list of binary options really make it feel like the website covers any option users might be interested in and this is made perfect with the help of reliable services for banking and an always friendly customer support team.

First Impressions

Right from the start, it is easy to see that AnyOption was designed for the casual trader and it does not shy away from explaining some of the key aspects regarding the process of buying binary options. The design for the website is nicely styled with a blue and white theme that doesn’t appear to be overcrowded, even with the currently popular options being featured on the main page. Returns can go up to 80% by simply predicting the movement of the stock selected.


Although some binary options brokers can offer bonuses and promotions, AnyOption does not adopt such a system and instead aims to be competitive with its options and services, without needing any extra promotional incentives to attract customers. Registering an account is free.

Trading Platform

The trading platform at AnyOption is what makes sure anyone can easily get in on the action without first having to read a lot of guides. It is simple to use and quite informative so some experience can easily result in a better trade. Options are available around the clock since there are multiple markets to choose from and these include Forex, Stock, Commodity and Index Options.

Basically, the selected option is shown in real time as it changes on the graph. Traders can then predict if it will go up or down in the specified period by placing an amount of money. The potential profit is shown in the bottom and will be automatically transferred to the account if the prediction is correct. There is also a mobile option which makes AnyOption available to traders at any time and from any location.

Customer Service & Deposits

Buttons for starting a live chat window and for requesting a callback are available while browsing the website and these can be very useful for getting help right away. The contact page also reveals an online web form customers can use to send an email with the description of the problem and a response will be sent in a timely manner. Different phone numbers are available for different countries.

Payment options include web wallets and online processing systems for quick deposits and withdrawals.

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, AnyOption is a good choice for traders who are just getting into the game, as well as for those who have experience with binary options. The guides available on the site can prove to be very useful and the platform is organized so that every action is clear and that the potential profit for any trade can be checked before making the purchase.


The sleek design for the website and the convenient process of buying options certainly make for strong advantages. There are also different languages available for the website to make it easier for players from European countries.


As for disadvantages, the lack of bonuses and promotions can discourage customers from joining. And on the subject of joining customers, AnyOption does not accept users from the USA.

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